KGKO, Wichita Falls (so you can 6/,) Fort Worthy of

KGKO, Wichita Falls (so you can 6/,) Fort Worthy of

Additionally rebroadcasted the brand new WFAA Reports

Together with Murray Cox (farm reporter and you will machine off «Murray Cox dating ashley madison RFD,») Pauline «Polly» Cox (spouse off Murray; helped which have inform you,) Frank Filesi, Jimmy McClain (played the brand new role of «Dr. I. Q. Pond, Shirley Proctor, Lewis Quince (storyteller,) Russ Rossman, Irene Runnels (National Conversion Movie director, 1977-1978,) Ruth Salter (whistler,) Joe Salvadore (also with WFAA-Tv,) Bob Scott, Kelly Maddox (began 1941; greatest phase and you will broadcast star, 1927-1937; struggled to obtain NBC Broadcast after that,) Patricia Smith (as well as that have WFAA-Television,) «Sugah,» «Superfan,» Nick Brounoff aka Nick Alexander (1979-1983,) Bob Tripp, Mary and you may Tommy Tucker, Murphy Martin (began 1961, server out-of «Murphy Martin Responses,») Lydia Hiegert (first started 1941,) George Kuesell, Arthur Kuehn, Charlie Van «The fresh new Swinging Kid,» George Utley, Denson Walker, Hilda LeBlanc Pursue, Tom Brownish. Channel 1st located in a good 9′ x 9′ tent towards rooftop of «Dallas Day Reports;» for the Early morning Reports collection thereafter; towards the Baker Hotel to the ten/1/1925; atop brand new Santa Fe Railroad Warehouse at the 1122 Jackson St.

Ervay, Dallas

Route created 9/2/1928 during the Wichita Falls; gone to live in Fort Worthy of with the 5/1/1938. Format: Information. Owner: Carter Guides (5/1/1938-7/1940; no matter if initially FCC acceptance is granted towards the 9/, and town of permit are altered during the time, Wichita Drops people voiced matter more dropping the station, bringing almost three years to respond to ahead of KGKO-Fort Well worth went on air,) Carter Publication (50%) and you may Belo Broadcasting (50%) (7/- 4/. Aunt for the Fort Well worth Celebrity-Telegram papers. KGKO broadcasted WBAP’s software for the 570 in the dayparts that WFAA try using the 820 volume, and you will vice-versa, delivery towards the 9/1/1940. Towards the cuatro/1/1947, new KGKO calls were mixed for every single order of FCC, and each channel recognized in itself since the either «WBAP 570» or «WFAA 570.

Programs: «America’s Town-meeting,» «Ladies’ Business,» «Darts getting Money,» «Books-New and you may Old,» «Sunrays Males,» «Week-end Recital,» «Cross Routes Team,» «Just what am We,» «Cowhand Jamboree» (organized by the «KGKO Hillbillies. Unrelated in order to KGKO-1480.

KTAT, Wichita Falls. Label characters re-oriented 1/. Briefly replaced wavelengths having KGKO, due to the fact KTAT-1240 is actually leading to interference with WRR’s (former) volume. KTAT exchanged right back that have KGKO to your 1/, since the Amon Carter shown interest in utilizing the volume given that an excellent content to own WBAP/WFAA-820 and you will swinging they to your DFW. Select admission during the 1270 kc.

KGKO, Wichita Drops. Station based nine/2/1928. First started lives during the 1350 kc, following 1370 kc, in advance of moving to 570. Find details over. . 618.6/833 (360 M/485 Meters) . Allow me to share programs one first started and finished till the Government Broadcast Percentage assigned specific frequencies into the November 11, 1928. The general rule on FRC were to shown development and you can environment profile to your 833 kc (485 m) and you will sounds on 618.six kc (360 meters.) Local stations worked out a contract to fairly share the latest wavelengths to the 7/1/1922, and you may developed a changing broadcast agenda for each. . KFFZ, Dallas. Station based 4/; away from heavens six/1923; calls removed of the FCC to your eight/1/1924. Owner: Al G. Barnes Activities Company (circus holder.) Appointed while the a portable channel to advertise for circus.

KFRO, Fort Worth. Channel to have started based 1927, but holder went out-of currency first off it up. Licenses acquired inside , which have intent to help you shown within 1220 kc. Label letters endured to own » K eep F orever R olling O letter.» Owner: J. Roentgen. Curtis. Curtis salvaged their tip and you may produced KFRO so you’re able to Longview, Colorado from inside the 1935.

WDAO, Dallas. Route created 8/1921, but failed to sign on up to 5/1922; regarding sky 9/1923. Owner: D allas A great ut o reason Power company. Located at 915 S. Route is generally made to getting a display with the business’s line of Magnavox radios. Second route inside the Dallas (immediately after WRR.)

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